Some cactus flower porn for y’all, just so you understand why I felt the way I did and did what I did. No regrets. P.S. You should all go eat Mescaline cactus.

* I haven’t posted much during these last few months because I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t produce any new writings until I had finished my fucking book, which is a ramshackle story of a Gen-exer comedian’s spiritual awankening crisis via the psychedelic plant path. Anyways someone made a generous paypal donation to my cause and I suddenly realised, wait a minute - I can just post up bits of what I’ve been working on these last few months. …

Meditations on standup comedy, the healing path and the liberating spectacle of watching your childhood dreams die. (Now with added masturbation jokes.)

This guy.

For those of you who don’t know my background, I spent 13 years as a standup comedian before I found plant medicine and the healing path.
13 long years spent swearing in sweaty, smoky pub backrooms, learning the art of making drunk strangers temporarily forget about their lives through the medium of masturbation jokes.
I was convinced this was my life path, and it was for a time. I used to think they would have to pry the microphone out of my cold, dead hands before I ever gave up.
But I was wrong.
It was an exciting if…

Eat some wood today.

This article covers some familiar ground, but also has some information myself and fellow wood-lovers have gleaned that doesn’t seem to be in any of the other online sources.
Everyone’s relationship with any power plant is an individual therefore highly variable affair, although there are trends and patterns that do seem to repeat themselves in the majority. Feel free to pick and choose from the information that resonates with you in this article, and disregard anything that does not.

Iboga microdosing with raw root bark is very safe but if you are planning to be taking constant…

Deactivate facebook now.

I’d deleted my facebook account last year after an Iboga journey informed me that it was deleterious to my mental health. In the aftermath of this historical event, I experienced a peace of mind that I hadn’t encountered since finding out that Adolph Hitler was indeed my true birth father.
Recently, I was called to rejoin this cybernetic hell anus of lost souls to complete a few tasks that could not be executed in any other way. I wasn’t sure if it was the general hysteria of the Covid crisis, but I began to find my peace of mind constantly…

When in doubt, ask a Yowie.


It’s hard to know what to do right now. The world is like a schizophrenic homeless man yelling at the voices in his head whilst waving his dirt-streaked penis at oncoming traffic. You try to high five him and you just get faeces on your hands. Luckily I’ve had rubber gloves sewn directly into my skin. Not to protect me from COVID, but to protect me from the poison dripping out of my touchscreen.
So many voices telling you what to do. Do this, don’t do that, be this way, don’t be that way, maximise this, optimise that. I’m sick…

Sometimes it can go good, other times it can go to hell.

I discovered recreational psychedelics during my adolescence. I had a lot of amazing experiences that opened me up to seeing the world in a whole new way. I also had some absolutely horrendous experiences that left me with scars that I still bear to this day.
When I discovered psychedelic plant medicine in a healing and sacred ceremonial context in my 30’s, I remember thinking, ‘Oh my god, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.’ …

Glad I don’t have this guy in me, he looks pissed.

I wrote some articles about entities a while back and they are some of the highest rated articles of mine:
On the nature of negative emotional entities.
On the nature of negative emotional entities continued.
Kambo, entities, addiction and other miscellanous ravings.
Who would’ve thought that weird ravings about stuff that sounds like the symptoms of schizophrenia would be so popular?
Since writing these articles, one person every other week emails me about how they’re being attacked by entities and asking for help. Unfortunately they hardly ever tell me anything more than this and rarely reply when…

These guys were wrong and I could too, but just in case I’m not, I’m posting this article now.

A few years ago I received a series of apocalyptic visions during my work with the sacred plant medicines that now seem to be hitting home. To be honest, you don’t really need psychedelic plants to tell you that things are not all right in the world, but the more events continue to unfold, the more these visions seem to carry weight for me.
I’m very careful though to say that these visions I received are The Truth, lest I sound like a crazy person who doesn’t realise they sound like a crazy person. I prefer to see them as…

If you bury your head in the sand, you are leaving the other end of your body vulnerable to attack.

People who are talk about how everything’s going to be business as usual once Covid-19 is over are a bit like Ostriches with their heads buried in the sand while their anuses are being slowly penetrated.

Watching the inspiring footage of Indian and Chinese soldiers get into oldschool fisticuffs during their recent border dispute made we wonder if this was a more civilised way to resolve conflicts. Rather than guns, nukes and drone strikes, perhaps the most civilised option would to have every nation’s army renounce their weapons and just beat the shit out of each other en masse on…

At least you will get to shoot lots of big guns if the shit goes down.

*Editors note: This piece was originally written and posted in October 2018, based on an Ayahuasca experience I’d had around then. I took it down last year in order to streamline my blog a bit, but in lieu of the recent happenings in America, I decided to repost it as I will be referencing it in an upcoming piece.

I stared into the cup of murky brown liquid once again.
Ayahuasca, please help me heal what needs to be healed, learn what needs to be learned and see what needs to be seen. I telepathically transmitted into the cup…

Nick Sun

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