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2 min readDec 18, 2023

Well, my books finally feckin done and the paperback is now available for sale on Amazon. It’s a collection/tapestry of my humourous writings from a crazy period in my life a few years ago that i have since deleted from this blog (spoiler alert: I have deleted the spoiler alerts), woven into a full-length novel.

Think of it like a genexers comedic take on the shamanic initiatory/spiritual emergence/healing process via the plant path. Think ‘Eat, pray, love’ but with more trip reports, wank jokes and vomiting. (I was considering calling it ‘Trip, Wank, Puke’ for a while but decided against it)

The Kindle version is coming soon. In the meantime, why don’t you buy a paperback and give it a 5 star rating? HINT HINT

Special thanks to everyone who helped me along the way and SPECIAL massive thanks to Sam Bowring who was able to help me navigate the whole confusing formatting and self-publishing process, i never realised how much time, energy, money, re-writing and late night bouts of excruciating self-doubt was involved in creating a book…

Here’s the blurb:

“A visionary parody of the hero’s journey, chronicling the spiritual awakening process of a depressed stand up comedian via the psychedelic plant path.

Following an Ayahuasca-induced exorcism, the narrator is blackmailed by spirits into devoting his life to helping others, much to his chagrin. Through his experiences doing earthquake relief work, palliative care in a Kolkata ghetto hospice and as an underground plant medicine facilitator, he is forced to endure enough contrived character growth to write a novel that attempts to justify his flimsy existence to both himself and his silly readers.

Fuelled by an arsenal of powerful plant teachers, the narrator tracks his haphazard quest for transcendence, healing, self-initiation and makeshift rites of passage within a spiritually vacant culture that has lost its way.

Irreverent, absurd and self-reflexive, Nick Sun provides hilarious perspectives on the healing and awakening path that many find themselves traversing during these transitional times.

‘By far one of the greatest achievements of the human species in the last gazillion years.’ — Nick Sun

‘An irredeemable abomination from a subhuman cretin.’ — Nick Sun

‘An acceptable first novel.’ — Nick Sun

Here it is:

UK, US, European versions available from their respective Amazon sites so just go to your countries amazon and look up the title and author and it should show up — if it doesnt let me know!

Thanks for supporting my writing and efforts over the years whoever you guys are!




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