Nick Sun
2 min readJan 17, 2023

Hey gang, I know im like ten years behind the podcast thing, but better late than never. I just realised I’m meeting really interesting people from a wide variety of walks of life with good wisdom to share so I thought I would start recording what they had to say about things and specifically things that might help us get through this current transitional period that we are in.
I will be covering topics mostly to do with esoterica, healing, spirituality, psychedelics and more.

So here are the first two episodes of Bridges, Maps and Medicine. I’m currently in Thailand so they will be a bit irregular at first but will try and put new ones up when I can.

This first episode is with Josh Williams, an Australian indigenous healer I met in the Daintree last year:

This second episode is with Pedro Solana, a Martial artist and all round spiritual warrior:

As for the book, im just getting the cover sorted and then it will be ready to go, its just taking longer than expected as the original cover was deemed as potentially inappropriate due to naked cartoon nymphs on the cover.

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