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This is what came up when i google imaged ‘Grounding’. I kinda wanna pee on his leg or wave an axe at him to see what he would do.

It has come to my attention over the recent months that there seems to be a distinct lack of grounding during these ascending times (duh). So collectively bereft of grounding are we at the moment, that random strangers keep contacting me over the internet asking me what to do — like I’m some kind of authority on the subject. For the record I’m not, I’m just a guy who started drinking Ayahuasca 3 years ago and was instructed by higher dimensional beings to spread open source information about what I have learned so far to assist with the mass ascension that’s happening right now. This is by no means a comprehensive list of techniques, just stuff i have tried or worked out. Some of these things that I mention will not work for you, some of them will and some techniques you yourself will figure out — feel free to contact me to let me know any personal methods you have discovered and I will add them to the article and then take credit for your discoveries and not offer you any royalties.
The common story is that people in the West are starting to have spontaneous awakenings, sometimes triggered by plant medicines, sometimes by extreme trauma, sometimes merely by existing in these crazy fucking times we’re living in. Third eyes are being suddenly wrenched open everywhere as people begin to realise that the reality they were taught to believe in as a child is pretty much a massive crock of shit. Watching the world that you once thought was real, fall down all around you like a shitty cardboard set design, tends to elicit feelings of anxiety, fear, madness and confusion. Paired with the West’s obsession on the mind, cultural predereliction for egomania and an intellectual approach to interpreting the world that is essentially based in fear, what I am observing around me is a lot of people losing their motherfucking shit. Most of their energy is focused on their upper two chakras, with no grounding in this physical world to anchor these higher frequencies that they are now tapping into. Without grounding and anchoring, a lot of messages you will receive will be inaccurate. There is noise in the channel, as determined by the purity of your being, level of consciousness and your connection to the Earth. Also the nature of whatever spirits you might be receiving messages from.You are a channel, a conduit for the higher frequencies that essentially must connect with the Earth. The ones that can be grounded in the physical world are the ones to listen to. Most of the other ones will lead you astray, into the neverending lands of delusion.
‘Beware of the False Lights.’ The Buddha once said, so here are a few hints and tips to navigating these strange times for those who have been opened but are yet to touch the Earth once again.

Eat shit dickwad, you ain’t never going back! Things ain’t ever gonna be the same again! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

One of the symptoms of being ungrounded are delusions of grandeur. Plant medicines can inflame the ego to no end. When the ego is inflamed, delusions of grandeur occur. These delusions serve the purpose of making people feel like they are special, more special than everyone else. This is usually rooted in a deep insecurity and wounds to do with not receiving enough love when they were children.
I went through this last year while I was drinking by myself a lot, living out of a bag and spending a lot of time in the bush trying to heal my wounds. The plants told me that I was the chosen one, and that I had a special task to fulfill on planet Earth. For months after, I walked around like a starry eyed vagrant with fuseblown eyes, shaking my head in pity for the plight of layman, trudging their way through the detritus of consensus reality while I lined up to collect welfare. After a while I suddenly realised that even though I was privy to the secret knowledge that I was indeed the chosen one, the government still wouldn’t increase my welfare and it suddenly occurred to me that:
Yes you are the chosen one, but who gives a shit? Everyone is the chosen one.
Bummer huh? Just cause you get a vision of all this mad shit you are supposed to do, it doesn’t mean you can just sit back and let it happen. Once you get a vision, it is up to you to make it real, otherwise then it remains nothing more than a vision, and you remain nothing more than one of those guys who smells of urine and begs for change on the street while periodically shouting, ‘I SPEAK TO FAIRIES!!! THEY SAY I’M THEIR KING!!!!’

2(a). I would also like to state for the record, YOU ARE NOT YOUR EGO. It is a common mistake in the West to identify with your ego and mistake it as yourself. This is because Western society cultivates mass egomania, mostly for the purposes of capitalism, in order to sell you shit that you think you need that you think will fill that hole inside of you, that hole created by… Living in a capitalist society. Keep an eye on the ego. It’s full of shit. It’s the original energetic parasite, one we must use to survive, but one we must not let run the show.

- Karma Yoga —
Go do something for someone else for once you selfish fuck (I’m talking to myself here) and you will find that when your thoughts are too busy thinking of someone else, they don’t focus on you and your shit so much and your head wont have time or room to think stuff like, ‘Why do I feel this way?’ ‘What is my place in the world?’ ‘Why am I so lost?’ ‘Why do I hurt like this?’ ‘What is the meaning of life?’ Grossly simplified, one meaning of life that I find quite satisfying is to help make things a bit less shit then when you first arrived here. Go do community work to do with people, animals or the environment. If you hate people, definitely do human-based community work preferably in the developing world. That’s what I did, it fucking changed my life and made me realise how much of a whining pussy I was being.
- Remember, you’re not special — To quote Bill Hicks, ‘You’re not special.’ Any gifts or abilities you might have are not yours to own. They are a gift from the creator and as soon as you take ownership of any gifts you may of received, they will no longer be any good. That’s why rapper’s second albums often suck. When they are still obscure, they don’t really know if they are any good, they’re just rapping. Then success goes to their head and they become too self aware of their talent and they start putting too much vocoder and too many guest spots from lameass mainstream poptits.
- Remember, there are always plenty of people out there far more advanced than you. Just because you are more spiritually advanced than your fellow coworkers down at Burger King, doesn’t mean you are Christ incarnate, i.e. Just because a pig is slightly cleaner than the rest of the herd, doesn’t mean it still doesn’t live in it’s own poop.

What I have noticed with people who have become ungrounded and stuck in their ego, is that they will not be able to comprehend that this is the case, because their ego will not allow the idea that perhaps that their delusions that they are the chosen saviour of mankind are not true. Due to this, it is very hard to help them or even inform them of their situation as they become very defensive, as they percieve your point of view as an attack upon their ego, rather than the voice of someone concerned for their sanity. It is best not to argue with them because there is no end. Instead just posit your point of view as a perspective on their situation and then let them talk themselves out and listen compassionately until they reach their own conclusions as to why that perhaps they aren’t really Aslan from Narnia and perhaps one day they really would like to leave the mental asylum. Sometimes this point is never reached. People like to hold onto their delusions and illusions because they serve some kind of purpose to what they feel is lacking in them. While it is not your right to rob them of this, you can at least provide them with some form of balance. I mean this is all coming from a guy who keeps receiving messages from the lightbeings and all so what the fuck do I know?
*Note — Also be very discerning, as there is a chance they really could be the next messiah, which in that case you will look like quite a twat in the biopic in the scene where you are telling them that they are just crazy.


Exercise : You can’t get out of the mind with the mind, you have to get out of the mind through the body. Anytime you find your head racing and the accompanying feelings of anxiety and overwhelming stimulation, don’t stay in your room and let your head run around in circles, go do hill sprints until your mind is so tired it can’t even think anymore. Whatever physical activities that you gravitate towards naturally will do. These ones I have found quite effective:
- Qi gong
- Cycling
- Yoga
- Swimming.
- Running

A bit more on Swimming: Swimming in salt water seems to really help. The salt and negative ions seem to help bring you back into your body. One time after seeing several past lifetimes, I was pretty out of it and I ended up just smashing myself into the breaking waves for a couple of hours. Worked a treat! Salt they say in alchemy is what draws boundaries between what is you and what is not you. It’s the foundation of the ego.

Jacking off/Rubbing one out : If things are getting overwhelming, having a wank works like a safety valve to release a bit of pressure from your head. Do not do this over unsavoury pornography as this will just invite dark entities and energetic pollution. If possible, jack off over someone you actually love (with their spiritual consent and with love, not creepy obsession) or perhaps conjure a Dakini to assist you with your tantric practice. You know how to do that right??

Having sex with someone you love : This is even better than jacking off, because now you can have someone to hold you when you cry after you come. Then perhaps you can jack off onto them afterwards to express your gratitude as well, staring lovingly at them as they sleep fitfully in your heavily breathing presence.

Get a Good Massage: One of the symptoms of not being grounded is the sensation of not being in your body, being a ‘floating head’. Having a good vigorous massage will help bring you back to your body. In certain establishments, they may even help you with further grounding by yanking you off at the end. If they do this, make sure they love you, otherwise it will just add to further psychic pollution and it’s kind of creepy and not kosher (sorry happy ending fans out there).

Limpias : Limpia’s are traditional cleansing rituals that are performed in various forms all over the world, but the term ‘limpia’ pertains to the South and central American traditions. It usually involves incense, water, perfume, sound, being rubbed with eggs or guinea pigs or being beaten with a bush. This can be used to bring someone back into their body, or to remove energetic blockages that may be keeping ones energy focused on the upper two chakras. Further details:

Lower 3 Chakra work: Right now you have a shit ton of energy stuck in your upper two chakras. That’s why you feel crazy. You have to draw that energy back down to your lower three chakras so it is more evenly distributed, and also so it eventually connects to the Earth below you. Bodywork, reiki, energy healing, building sensory awareness of your extremities, the list goes on. Energy goes where attention flows. Find out what works for you. Sometimes the reason why your energy is stuck in your upper chakras is because there is a blockage in your system. It could be due to trauma or old wounds, depending on each individual case.

Breathing: Various breathing techniques will reconnect you to your physical system, as well as clearing energetic blockages or stuck energies that you have taken on that aren’t necessarily yours. Following the main yogic precept, ‘ The Breath controls the Mind’ — If you need to calm down, slow down your breathing as much as possible. If you need to clear stuff, look up the Wim Hoff Breathing technique, I find this very effective for clearing accumulated energies from my body, although i’m sure many other techniques do the same job.

Get the fuck out of the city and go to Nature. If you are ungrounded, the psychic pollution of the city will drive you crazy. You won’t even notice it because it just seeps into your soul through osmosis and before you know it, you are having a full blown panic attack just from buying a sushi roll and you won’t know why. But I will tell you why, it’s because your field is now wide open and the city is essentially the 4th circle of hell, full of demons wanting to gangbang your dreams to smithereens. Go to nature. It’s so much better out in the woods, in the trees, the wind, the leaves, the breeze, the sun and fresh air.

Walk barefeet in nature. Bring your attention to the sensations on the underside of your feet while you do this. draw up the energy of the Earth and distribute it to every cell in your body. Keep doing this until you begin to sweat dirt. Maintain the attention to this sensation even if your mind keeps returning to its mind like a rising balloon.

Sing. Singing seems to bring yourself out of yourself by allowing you to hear your own power, your own heart. It will also be a good way to transmute whatever shaky edgy anxious feelings that are inside of you. Chanting works as well, especially the deep guttural polyphonic variety. Experiment and see which tones trigger the lower areas of your body and stick with them.

Cold showers/swims. Again, checkout Wim Hoff. Cold conditioning is a pretty surefire way of bringing yourself back into your body through painful ordeal. It works though!

Learn From indigenous cultures. These guys have the original knowledge of how to maintain a strong connection to both Earth and Spirit. When you have a strong connection to these two aspects of life, you are much, much less susceptible to manipulation from outside forces. I suspect this is why indigenous cultures have suffered so much at the hands of the Western invasion, with all the systematic destruction, genocide, displacement, child-stealing and oppression. It’s basically to help maintain the status quo by destroying the cultures who know how to deal withWetiko, thus keeping everyone as divided, isolated floating heads.

Gardening. You’re literally on the ground, digging up the ground and planting shit into the ground. What could be more grounding than that?

Shitting. Nothing more grounding than squeezing out a filthy stinking turd like the glorified monkey that you are.

Staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror while shitting. Yep, nothing even more grounding than watching yourself defecate. Don’t ask me how I worked this one out let’s just say, chosen one or not, in this moment you are no better than a stinking monkey and that’s that.

Certain foods are grounding and it’s good to eat them if you need to come down a notch:
Raw garlic, raw onion, lemon, olive oil, high salt and Chilli. In many religions, these strong, pungent flavours are said to increase lust and attachment to the material world, hence why they are mostly avoided by people doing spiritual work. These foods are avoided by the Hari Krishnas, the Chinese budddhists, devout Rastafarians and also South American shamans among others. However, if you are not ready yet to contain the vibration you have recently attained, sometimes becoming attached to the physical world is a good thing in order to bring you down to a more manageable level. In alchemy, salt is seen as the substance that also creates separation between everything that is you and everything that is not you. i.e. The ego vs. everything else. If you are ungrounded, one of the symptoms of this is a temporary loss of self, so getting your ego back is vital in not going totally off your rocker. Eat all these things liberally and inflict your terrible breath onto the ones that you love.

Meat. All up, I was vegetarian for 10 years. Then last year during a plant medicine journey, the Acacia Acuminata spirit told me that I needed to eat meat again to help ground me. Wild game meat that is (It am definitely against factory farming). I cried out in protest as I love animals. I was then informed that Death is a part of Life and to not accept this was a sign of being a child who refuses to grow up and face the reality of being in this world. It then told me that there are not many vegetarian indigenous people out there and not many vegetarian shamans. Good enough for me. I then became a Kangaroo, bounding across the desert plane with my fellow kangaroos until we were all rounded up and shot dead, skinned and carved into meat. It was a fairly disturbing vision but I got the hidden message in it: Bring your own hot sauce to the BBQ, you can’t count on other people’s hot sauces to do what only your hot sauce can do.
Needless to say, eating a bit of red meat gave me some much needed solidity that had been lacking in the recent months.


If you are feeling ungrounded, I’d advise to not use any further psychedelics or synthetic drugs at all. I’d even avoid coffee or any mentally stimulating herbs. Although some plant medicines might work by ungrounding you so much that you are forced to find your own grounding. This tactic is much like learning to ride a bike in a hurricane, but there is a chance that it might go the other way so it’s your call. There are some exceptions however:

Kambo — This amazing medicine derived from the back secretions of the Giant Monkey Tree Frog is guaranteed to put you back in touch with you body through sheer physical ordeal. This is mainly what brought me back after I became a bit disconnected last year. Highly recommended for anyone who needs to be quickly brought back. Do not use this within 8–10 weeks of using 5 meo DMT however, as there have been a few cases of this re-triggering a 5meo episode, and a couple people who actually had to be revived.

Mapacho — Amazing stuff. A kind of organic Amazonian Jungle tobacco, guarunteed to help you get back to Earth. Use intention and prayer to heighten it’s effects. Also good for clearing entities.

Straight Vine Ayahuasca — This is a kind of brew that has no DMT containing admixture plants, but is just pure vine. A very grounding body tonic, it will help you earth whatever crazy channels your brain is picking up.

Ayahuasca — Small to half doses of ayahuasca at this point will further unground you and push you into crazy land and you probably won’t even notice it. If you must drink, drink a high enough dose where you have enough vine in the brew to ground your experience. Again this is choppy waters and it could go either way, but it’s your life so you do what the hell you want, just don’t attack me in the shopping centre a few months from now because you thought I was the kid who beat you at ice skating back when your heart was as pure as the driven snow you were skating on. Another thing is if you are ungrounded, you are more open to entity manipulation especially mind parasites, in which case small doses of psychedelics will often only serve as power food for these things and increase their stranglehold over you.

Alcohol — I don’t recommend this one much as a regular practise, but in special, severe cases, 1–2 good quality beers can def help bring someone back to the physical and take the edge off. I assume this is actually one of the major reasons why drinking is so popular. It’s the only way undiagnosed empaths can turn off their powers. I had a period of about two weeks last year where I was totally out of it, and one of the saving graces was the couple of glasses of beer i’d drink at night. I only drank good quality craft beer and tried to get organic beer where available. Once the terrors went down enough to be tolerated I stopped drinking again, but I won’t forget those two weeks of insanity when beer saved my ass.


Meditation — Especially mind-oriented meditation. This will just unground you further. The point once again is to get back into the body. Although other schools of thought would say to go further into the mind till you break on through to the other side, so use your discretion and please don’t throw your faeces at me if you end up in the nuthouse.

Coffee and stimulants — This will over stimulate your mind further and add to the imbalance in your system.

Fasting and detoxing. You need food right now to stop you from floating away.

Excessive mental or intellectual activity. Get back in the body yo.


So you’re hearing voices in your head now. They seem to be coming from things that are not you. Great. Fantastic. You have now officially broken your brain and are now ripe to join my cult of the Church of Positive Schizophrenia EVERYONE’S AGAINST US HEY LETS GET GUNS tm.
But which voices do you listen to?
The thing with spirits is that a) Some of them are benevolent b) Some of them are malicious c) Some of them are ambivalent tricksters who just like to fuck with you.
So which ones do you listen to? Which ones do you believe? Generally I have come to the conclusion that if I receive messages and they want me to do something dangerous or unpleasant, I DON’T DO THEM. And if I receive messages that want me to do something altruistic and positive, I BEGRUDGINGLY DO THEM ONLY WHEN I’M FORCED TO. Just remember your highest self wants only positive things for you. Any message you receive that is harmful or negative to you or another living being is probably coming from a malefic entity.
It is also good to remember is that you don’t have to do everything spirits tell you to. Sure, certain stuff you do, but you have your own centre, remember that. Recently I met a spirit who was a bit of a joker. He told me if I threw my shoes off the cliff I would be richly rewarded. I thought about doing it but then realised that I wanted my shoes because they stopped my feet from being cut to shit. Also I could imagine him just laughing at me if I did do that. He seemed like that kind of trickster spirit.

6(a). CHECK YOUR CHANNEL — How clear is it? You may be receiving messages, but be aware of the various things that can taint the purity of your channel, therefore the messages that come through it. This is stuff like:
- Fear
- Ego
- Desire/wish fulfillment
- Your wounds.
Clear this crap and the messages will start feeling more true.

6 (b). HEAD VS. HEART VS. GUT VS. DICK/VAGINA. Another good way to figure out what is what is to listen to which part of your body the message is coming from. If it’s coming from the head, chances are it’s full of shit, as the intellect runs on fear and so is actually not a very good guide through life. If it’s coming from the heart or the gut, this is a more solid sign that the message is coming from a good place. If it’s coming from your genitals, this can be both a good and bad message, depending on how drunk you both are, how pretty she/he is and whether or not they are married to a shotgun wielding psychopath.

7. WORK OUT WHAT IS YOURS AND WHAT IS NOT YOURS. Congratulations, your field is now open, so now you will be soaking up all sorts of shit that is not yours. If you are ungrounded this means you are much more susceptible to the infiltration from other energies and entities that come from outside of you. Yay!! Sometimes we forget this and we mistake someone else’s shit for our own. This is what this kind of shit likes to do with us, because when we self identify with someone elses shit it is much harder for us to get rid of and this shit can stick inside of us and fuck with us, as it seems to enjoy doing the little shit fucker. This goes for both energies and entities. The general rule is that if it does not serve your highest good, it is not yours so get it out!

8. FIND THE OTHERS — If you are all alone, being ungrounded is even harder, as you will have no one to speak to about it, thus magnifying feelings of alienation and separation. Find the other people who resonate with what you are going through. A lot of the discomfort and freakouts to do with being ungrounded or waking up, is that you have no one person or support network to talk to about it, because if you talk about this stuff to the kinds of folk who don’t understand what you are going through, they will drug you up and lock you away in a padded cell. Needless to say, this is bad.

9. REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT CRAZY — You are actually just more sensitive and aware that the current system we are living in is complete bullshit. You are not crazy, you are just an undiagnosed empath who has suddenly begun to feel feelings in a system that wishes to suppress all feelings beyond that dopamine reward you get when you go shopping or check your facebook status.

10. DON’T TELL A TRADITIONAL SHRINK OR PSYCHOLOGIST ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCES– Otherwise they will either point their finger at you and laugh uproariously and/or drug you up and send you to a mental asylum and you will definitely go crazy. Definitely if you find an open minded or transpersonal therapist, those guys you can confide in.

11. DON’T TAKE YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY — Don’t forget it’s all a dumb joke in the end, but a dumb joke we still have to deliver seriously so that it’s still funny when the punchline hits.

12. TOUCH BASE WITH OLD FRIENDS WHO PERHAPS AREN’T INTO ALL THIS WHACKY SPACE CADET SHIT, WHO PERHAPS KNEW YOU BEFORE YOU HAD YOUR AWAKENING. Drink a beer with them. Tell them about the rainbow prophecy and the approaching ascension. Listen to them call you a fag. Have a laugh and go home.

13. GET A REALLY MUNDANE JOB. Nothing is more grounding then getting a shitty job stacking department store shelves on the night shift even though you are incarnation of Haille Sellassie I and I conquering Lion of Judah. During my lost years when I was so ungrounded for so long that i’m surprised I didn’t die, I got a shitty job at a call centre raising charity money for the rural fire service. Nothing grounds the messiah like customer service 9 hours a day, 5 days a week.

14. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. The more you resist this process, the worse and more prolonged it becomes. All things come to an end. As soon as you accept a situation, it often changes. Except for psy trance, that just keeps being shit all the way till someone throws a brick through the decks.




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