Nick Sun
14 min readNov 30, 2021
Be a rock.

*I would just like to preface this article by saying that there is a big story unfolding right now with just as many narratives as there are characters, and so what I detail in this piece is just my specific corner of the story, as told to me by a few interdimensional plant spirits, filtered through my specific idiosyncratic channel, anchored to a very particular piece of land in tropical Northern Australia, so some or all of it will only be relatable to certain people. This story is way too big to fit into just one person’s head, and everyone has a piece of it. Having said that, it still needs a lot of editing and most people are holding onto pieces of the story that will ultimately be edited out. This may include my piece.

** I also do accept the possibility that I lost my mind a long time ago, but if that’s the case then you probably should listen to me, as it was the mind that got us into this mess in the first place, if you think about it.

Without much warning, the dystopian malaise invaded my peaceful hometown of Darwin, Northern Australia. I’d always thought I was safe from Covid here in Darwin, and I had been. What I hadn’t been safe from was the encroaching security state that was slowly transforming nanny state Australia into a police state penal colony with nice beaches that we were not allowed to go to unless we’d taken an experimental vaccine with no long term studies, made by big pharma and forced down our throats by politicians with dubious motives. If only I could take a vaccine to protect me from the government.
The free and easy Darwin vibes I’d come to love were now dead. The population was divided. Fear and hatred reigned supreme. Friends and partners suddenly fell out with one another blah blah blah, you know the story. The ironic thing was that we didn’t even have any Covid where we were. All the chaos and negativity had been caused by the vaccine mandates.
I got sucked into the mess for several weeks. I felt like I was stuck in a karmic washing machine. I lost all clarity. I was consumed with fear and anger. Many of my friends lost their jobs. I went to the rallies and yelled at the cops. Things between my vaxed doctor girlfriend and I soured.
I began to suspect life was designed in such a way that by the time you died, you would just be relieved to finally leave this…



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