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Once within a time there were 7.9 billion beings trapped inside a story unfolding in real time. They lived on a planet named Aerth, a beautiful and wondrous anomaly of a planet, a rare jewel floating in a vast void of nothing. Strangely, even though this was the only known life-supporting planet to their knowledge, these beings decided that it was a good idea to systematically destroy it, digging deep holes in it’s surface, cutting down all the trees, killing all the animals and blowing large bits of it up.
Yes, they were both an amazing and stupid bunch of animals, who exhibited a range of tendencies that ranged from the most noble to the most base. To describe the characteristics of this species accurately, one could almost say they were the product of a non-consensual gangbang between an angel, a demon and a monkey — although some members of this species would vociferously claim to be descendants of aliens.
One day a virus that may or may not have been real, that may or may not have been created in a labratory was either accidentally or purposely released onto the unsuspecting public. They called it Poovid.
Pandemonium broke loose across the globe as this virus allegedly ran amok, possibly killing a lot of people who may have died naturally anyway, even if they didn’t contract Poovid in the first place, or possibly dying directly from the disease that may have been as vicious as the media said it was.
This said media went absolutely spasticated, like a frothing sicko masturbating to a child’s dying dreams, reporting a version of events that may or may have not been ‘True’ (with a capital ‘T’), but was most likely to have been not that ‘True’ (with a capital ‘T’) whilst being not completely total horseshit. Many members of the species believed this official version of events to be the undisputed ‘Truth’(with a capital ‘T’). As a corollary, multiple alternate versions of events popped up on the World Wide Wee, which was a decentralised network of invisible information that ranged from anal porn to interracial anal porn and everything in between.
Versions of what Aerthlings believed was actually happening, that may or may have not been the undisputed ‘Truth’(with a capital ‘T’), proliferated like pustulating sores on the unwashed back of a political leader’s conscience. These versions of the ‘Truth’(with a capital ‘T’) ranged from…



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