Nick Sun
13 min readApr 20, 2022
God’s country, Northern Territory, Australia.

In pre-covid times a mandate was an occasion to have a nice meal and a beer with your platonic male friends so you could complain about the women in your life. Nowadays, a mandate is some kind of authoritarian method of forcing you to violate your bodily sovereignty at the threat of loss of employment and social exclusion.
I thought I was safe from Covid in tropical Northern Australia, and I was.
What I wasn’t safe from was the symptoms that indicated the emergence of an authoritarian technocratic security state.
Oh shit, all my pothead conspiracy friends were right 10 years ago. I remember thinking.
I wondered if there were any vaccines I could take to protect myself from the emergence of an authoritarian technocratic security state, but the only one that came up in my google search was death.
I missed being able to have a nice meal and a beer with my platonic male friends while complaining about the lack of women in our lives because we couldn’t leave the houses anymore. Now all my man friends just send me tiktok videos of the police force beating up civilians or pictures of crowded hospital wards and accusations of being selfish.

The mandates slid over us like a cloud of dense smog. The once free and easy lands of Tropical Northern Australia were no more. The public were now divided, turning against one another. Not only that but they stopped selling a very particular brand of baba ganoush at my local supermarket.
Like Agenda 21, this had to be a conspiracy created by a small number of incredibly rich and powerful evil-doers to keep me down.
I woke up from a dream where this huge blob of negative energy was hovering over the top of me like a shadowy, hot-air Leviathan the size of large cumulus cloud. It was filled with dead stars, black holes and poisonous dust. I sensed it was a sentient gateway to another dimension, a dimension who’s primary atmospheric substance was Fear, a dimension that would transport you via your own legs to the nearest lavatory to empty the flim-flam from your britches.
It began to invade my personal space with an ominous energy full of dread and doom.
It didn’t seem to care, seeping in around me from all sides.
I tried to attack it with a…



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